Why is more 3d transparent solar panel?

New building materials

3D transparent solar panel is a new, double power transparent solar panel system which gives new possibilities at architectural utilizations.

This is usable as a building raw material so it’s capable to open newer fields on this industry.

Transparent solar panel

Additionally at using this material it’s easy to save energy at the air conditioning but at the same time this panel is able to throughput high volume, 50% of the natural light.

More Power

With this offered invention it is possible to create double energy from a unit surface.

The dimensions of this panel are really flexible according to the demands with keeping the above mentioned original features.






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Generally it’s usable at every fields where the solar energy feasible. Against the currently used, not transparent solar panel system it can be installed instead of the windows, skylights as well as wall and roof at the greenhouses. Using the 3DT Solar panel the roof is capable to generate energy. It’s suitable in every architectural solution where the light transmission and the power generation are important.

Please, imagine an office building or a hotel with 3DT Solar application. Power generating walls, windows, skylights and reduced energy for air-conditioning.

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