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3DT Solar

Ready for a new solar business?

3DT Solar is a transparent solar panel which produces 68% more energy than regular solar panels.

More Power

With our invention it’s possible to create 68% more energy from a unit surface.

The dimensions of this panel are really flexible while keeping the original features.

Transparent Solar Panel

The 3D Transparent Solar panel not only insulates, but also lets trough 50% of natural light.

New building material

3D Transparent Solar panel is a new, transparent solar panel system that offers new possibilities at architectural utilizations.

It is usable as a raw building material which makes it capable to open newer fields in this industry.

Generally 3DT Solar is usable in every fields where the solar energy feasible. Not like other solar panels, it can be used as windows, skylights as well as walls and roof of greenhouses.

Using 3DT Solar Panel, the roof is capable to generate electricity. It’s suitable in every architectural solution where both light transmission and power generation are important.
Imagine an office building or a hotel with 3DT Solar application. Power generating walls, windows, skylights and reduced power consumption for air-conditioning.

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